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Hi there! 

I have this melting setup with a POP solver, basically scattering some points onto the original mesh and then melting then and meshing back everything again using "particlefluidsurface".

So I have been trying to get rid of this flickering on the mesh, I have over 500k points and I also tried increasing the samples and playing with the particle separation in the "particlefluidsurface" I also tried using "vdbfromparticles" but its more or less the same result. 

I want to know if there is anything I can do to help reduce the flickering?

Any help on this is much appreciated

Thanks in advance




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Hi there,

I also tried converting those particles into a volume and the mesh back but the results were not that great

So the best so far I have is "vdbfromparticles" and then applying some smoothing and also increased the particle radius (basically playing a bit with the settings), this is giving me a much more cleaner result. 



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