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What is the purpose of a flip object if i'm using the volume source to bring in the volume for a flip sim

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I still haven't managed to figure out if there is a "right" way to bring in geo/volumes into a dopnet for a flip sim.

I have been doing it using a flip source that converts some geo to a volume and then I used the volume source in the dopnet.

But the flip solver also needs a flip object as input into the first input pin - even if you hook up a volume source into the last pin. And there is also a default cube in the sop path in the flip object node.

I was just wondering why the solver needs a flip object if i'm using the volume source?



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You can see the Flip Object as an array or a container for the datas (particles position or whatever).
The Flip solver just make calculations.
When you create an array you can just create a pointer or give it a default size. This is what the flip object does when you create it. This is the cube you're talking about.
It also allows you to point to an object to define its "size" from the volume of the object you point from.  It act a bit like "point from volume" SOP.
The volume source is not required, but allow you to sourcing flip from volumes if you want.
Don't confuse between Volume OF Objects and "Volume objects" (VDB or Houdini volumes)

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