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make packed primitives from imported GEO

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I have been tasked with something and I am unsure where to start with it. The team will be modelling something in Maya. This model will be made up, mostly, by repetitive chunks. Think lego blocks. The chucks are snapped together to create a much larger structure. How ever it is feared that this will result in a silly amount of RAM being used resulting in the farm falling over. So I must create something in Houdini to "revers engineer" these chunks and replace them with a point cloud of packed primitives. 

What I should be getting from the modelers are every chuck type at the origin. The chuck names (in maya) will be the same as those used in the model. So that can be used to identify which chunk belongs to which piece at the origin. Then I need to create a point cloud that remembers the position, rotation and scale.


Any thoughts?

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I have added an example scene. This is a very simple build that only has spheres and cubes. Though the final may end up with hundreds of different base shapes.

Under the "grp_base_objects" will be all the objects that are meant to create the packed primitives. Under the "grp_finalModel" are all the objects meant to become a point cloud and replaced by the packed primitives from the first group. I hope I have explained myself well enough.



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