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Houdinified Acrylic Paintings

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Hey peoples! 

I recently started a personal project with the main purpose to explore setups that I either couldn't do during real production, curiosity or pure fun. As a base and also source of inspiration I'm taking real acrylic artworks of a good friend of mine. The photographs of the real artworks are prepped in Photoshop to be able to extract certain textures which I then use in Houdini to create my setups with. The concrete room was built out of a couple of individual decals and assets from Quixel. The whole thing is then being rendered with Redshift, comped with Natron and finalized in Davinci Resolve.

From time to time it's seriously fun to play around with setups without having somebody behind me telling me what to do creatively like in a professional environment. No pressure, just fun :)

Here's the first couple of clips I created in this series.


Hopefully it's as fun to watch for you as it was creating it for me! :)

You can also check it out on Instagram, Behance or Vimeo.

Feedback, questions or whatever appreciated!



Volume 1:





Volume 2:





Volume 3:






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There is something so chilling yet intriguing about these pieces. The lighting used was a nice touch to aid in captivating your audience and drawing us near as if we are in the same room.

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