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Houdini & Redshift production ready assets / what's your pipeline?

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Hi all,


I am curious are there any good production-ready assets out there? For instance, I want to create trees and vegetation library and while I can import some vegetation from Megascans there aren't any trees. I find it can be quite time consuming to convert and prepare assets for redshift so my question is, what is your pipeline?

I have been advised to get Origami Digital Shelf Tool. Is this the best way forward?

Are there any good tree packs out there? What is the file format I should look for to simplify conversion into Redshift proxies? FBX?


Appreciate any advice or sharing your workflow!

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From what I know there are very few, if any, tree libraries with the redshift format.
Houdini or not, most of them are under VRay, there are some for Octane, and surprisingly nothing for redshift.

If anyone can contradict me I'd be very happy to, haha !

For rendering I'm using C4D. The automatic conversion (native C4d -> redshift materials) works pretty well. The only thing is that you have to do is some tweaking, and manually replace opacity to use  sprites. Not very complicated, but I agree if there are a lot of them it's time consuming and annoying.
So I prefer native c4d Packs. And so I have written a script to convert the VRay materials to native C4d materials.

Sorry don't really help for houdini.

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I know as well that you can find a few, but not sure how suitable they will be for you. If you could tell me more details about your ideas and expectations, it would be easier for me to recommend you a certain asset which will be the for you. You could try some assets which people are using in this field, and using this deal tracking software, you can compare between them and see which one is better, by following the number of the new buyers, if it's growing or declining.

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