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A question about geometrical procedural deformation.

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I'm trying to make a bunch of money.

I tried using vellum, but it didn't work, so I referred to the page turning hip file at the address above.

I want to apply both left and right, but I don't know how.

If you have any good ideas or examples, please let me know.

Thank you.


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maybe doing the same but inside a solver could make it easier, so you can get the previous frame and use it as reference for heigth.

When i have time i try to make a test.

Hope this help.


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Posted (edited)

What about something convoluted like this?

Use an input to bring in the volume, merge packed results, then pack the result and unpack it at the top of the loop..?

Not sure if this technique works, but you can switch based upon iteration. Every iteration past the first one should supply the merged result.


Now that I look at this some more, the switch should probably intercept before the unpack, so you can filter the volume with a blast or delete node.

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On 2021. 8. 30. at 오전 7시 25분, konstantin magnus said:

안녕하세요 홍조님

foreach 루프에서 현금을 쌓고 구부릴 수 있습니다.



Hello. I used x, y, and z respectively as ramp parameters. And it had to be animated. The way you said was a good reference. Thank you very much.

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float start = chf('start');
float touch = chf('touch');
float speed = chf('speed');
float flip = 1 - chf('flip');
vector fade = relbbox(0,@P);
float amp = chf("amp") * @Cd.x;

float fade_x = chramp("fade_x_ramp",fade.x);
float fade_z = chramp("fade_z_ramp",fade.z);
float fade_y = chramp("fade_y_ramp",fade.y);

matrix m = ident();
float copy=( ch("../copy1/nyc") - prim(0, 'copynum', @primnum)) * flip;

float t = @time * speed - start - copy + sin( fade_x *amp) + fade_z * (touch*fade_x);

rotate(m, smooth(0, $PI, t) * -$PI, {0,0,1});
@P *= m;


The work proceeded in the direction I wanted using the ramp parameters referring to the code in the hip file. I was able to complete the code with the advice of a senior at the company, and I will leave some of that code behind. And at the end I used a position mix. Thanks to everyone who responded.



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