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Keeping sculpted clothing folds in vellum sim

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I was wondering what is the usually prefered method when trying to keep the folds and wrinkles that's in the model during a vellum cloth sim?

I usually try to use pin to target to a point deformed clothing with painted target weights however when the constraint is strong enough it's failing the internal collisions, and when it's weakened, the folds dissappear. 

What would be the best way to tackle this? Painting bendstiffness or something based on curvature? 

Sorry for the lack of scene file.

Many thanks

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My go-to for things like fine wrinkles is to work with a low-res shell and then point deform the higher-res, fully detailed geometry that has all the wrinkles to the low-res simulation. If it's a big feature, like pleated pants, I'll paint bendstiffness.

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Hey Kushal, thank you. I was using the same method but my low-res proxy had the wrinkles too, and they were flattening out in the sim. I guess it could have been better with a flat proxy and then deform it with the higher resolution with the folds. But then the folds wont move and interact too much. 


What's your workflow when painting bendstiffness? Do you first find a good overall value for it and then paint the attribute? Do you paint actual bendstiffness values like 100000 or a multiplier between 0-1?

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