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Pop Grain Birth Collisions [SOLVED]

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When emitting particles as pop grains, is there a way to avoid particles from emitting inside the already existing particles?


Here the yellow grain is birthed inside the same space as the purple one, which then sharply pushes it away.

Can this sort of thing be avoided at all?


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Try moving the popgrain node after the popwrangle. This way the pscale you have calculated can be taken into account by the particle separation algorithm of the popgrain node. Also, try animating the seed on the popsource so you aren't generating the same point set each time.

My guess with your current setup is separation occurs, then pscale is generated. This causes a momentary overlap that the popgrain node repairs on the next frame. This is probably what causes that jumping action. By solving separation after scale, you should be able to avoid or limit that.


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