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Multiple RBD/FLIP Mutual Sim Probs

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Dear Forumers,


So I am attempting to learn some deep dynamic stuff by trying a difficult shot: a bullet going in slo-mo into a fishtank that then shatters [SEE VIDEO ATTACHED]

As you can see there are MANY MANY issues with this Mplay, but for now i just wanted to focus on at least the two most glaring I can see atm.


1. (and this has been a big problem throughout iterations) can you see the two frames where the RBD tank disappears near the beginning? what could be causing this? this has happened a few times in the last two weeks and less often the flip sim disappears for a frame or two???????


2. i have successfully got the mutual FLIP/RBD interaction but it looks rubbish as you can see. it's like not all the shape of the glass fragments are being taken into consideration? (i would got through the exhaustive list of ideas I have for the problem/things I have tried but i thought this would get too long and someone may have the glaring solution without having to read through my noob mind spidermap!!!)


NB: i'm using RBD not bullet atm


Thanks in advance




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