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Controled voronoi fracture

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Hi all, 

I'm learning houdini since a few weeks/months and I still have some beginner issues.  I think I know the way to do it and it must be easy but I have no idea where to found what I'm looking for or what should I tweak.

For this project I follow the basis from this tutorial: 

After that I wanted the ground to be a wall and the debris to fall another way so I changed the gravity forces and it was pretty easy to have what I wanted. 

For the next step I wanted to know if it was possible to import a curve like an .svg or .ai so instead of a straight line I could carve a simple logo or only one letter into the wall. 

But I tried and didn't found anything about importing bezier curves, or the one that I tried didn't go as planed. 


I think it will go with another question, like if I want to carve a 6. Is it possible that only the outline fall and to keep glued the hole in the 6 ? 

Also, is there a way to do like a box arround the wall and when some debris fall farther than the box they disapear to save some space on the .abc at the end ? 


Thanks in advance, sorry if it's too basic and doesn't belong here. 

I have attached my file but don't know if it's useful.


Cheers !


Missclick when publishing the post.

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1. Converting line art to geometry can be done using Trace SOP - import image to trace, resample/remesh to get detail. Works best if shapes are closed.

2. You can use the integer attribute active to define RBD pieces that cannot move. Example

3. After running the simulation, you can Group by Bounding Box and use a Blast SOP at the end to remove pieces outside the box before exporting .abc

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@Fenolis & @Librarian Thanks a lot ! 

It's clearer now and I think I will have a lot of fun with this !

Really appreciate you for taking the time to do it.

Cheers !

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