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Cloud light in Redshift

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Hello everyone!

I would like to get Redshift to read the results of the cloud light node in a volume render. I apologize if this is a topic that has already been addressed, but I wasn't able to find anything that I could use(translation: I didn't find a big button to press that said "render cloud light in Redshift":).) I know that an rsvolume material node will read Cd just fine if you put it in one of the Color Channel fields, so I tried putting Ce in there instead, but that doesn't seem to work. Seems like maybe the right way to do it would be to copy Ce to Cd in the  volume, which sounds straightforward enough, but I had trouble with that. My first notion was to just go into a volume vop, bind Ce and Bind export it to Cd, but then I noticed that I didn't even have a Cd attribute in my volume, and that these really aren't even attributes in the normal sense anyway. In short, I don't have any idea what I'm doing. Has anyone else here tackled this issue? And if you don't have the appetite to try to describe a solution to a novice, could you point me to some material that might point me in the right direction?



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