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Reaction Diffision OpenCL - Missing F and K Parameters

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Hi. When i search how to make a reaction diffision 2d in Houdini i found this link and hip file: link: https://jbuchert.com/reaction-diffusion-houdini-opencl/ hipfile: https://apolloc.de/index.php/s/O8PTpnmul5ION5J

In this hip file i search the F and K parameters for changing pattern and making variations but i cant find. If the reference formula working, than must be have F and K parameters, right? So, how can i change the patter and make variations in this setup. Thanks.

Reference Formula: http://www.karlsims.com/rd.html

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@yasinesin You have if you search "all-ready in- Open cl formulas* in this forum + try using this also. Have Fun
OI @yasinesin maybe its reverse in U and V its working here



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