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Rest position in layered material

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Hi all!

I'm trying to create a layer material and it works fine so far - using it in a mix works as expected.

But when I try to use attributes, e.g. the rest position, the binding fails as soon as I use the material as a layer.

When I use it directly (assigned it directly to a geo) the binding works fine. And when I use it as a layer (and assign the layer mix to the geo) every other aspect also works fine - just the rest position suddenly is not known anymore (although the geo has not changed and still has the rest pos of course).

Attached is a sample scene.

The custom shader ("myshader") has a parameter "use_rest". With that you can switch it from using the usual P to using the rest position instead. You can assign the "myshader" material directly to the sphere (everything works fine with both, P and rest) or assign the "layermix" to it (only works with P but not rest).

Any ideas?



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I received input on the SideFX forum:

It turns out that to make the bindings also work in layer mode you have to add them as a parameter with "Has Corresponding Connector" active and the "Invisible" also. See screenshot.

Then the binding will also work when using the material not directly but as input to a layer mix.

(PS: I mixed up two topics before and put the answer to a different question here - hence the edit...)



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