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Exporting Pyro Simulation from High res container as VDB problem

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I have a big pyro sim going on, and now I want to export this simulation as VDB's.

I have set up a up-res container but when I import the exported vdb files from the high res container into Blender, then the result is kinda awkward... :(
There are just points of smoke (as shown here in the screenshot: 2. 

Screenshot 1 is showing the vdb export node with the settings and pyro fields

I have even set the density quite high but still the same ugly result there...

have I exported it in the wrong way? or why is it like this?!

vdb node.jpg

SMoke sim export problem.jpg

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Is the data being clipped by Blender? 

I'm not familiar with Blender, but if you are certain the cache exported correctly from Houdini (ex: check frame in Houdini's gplay viewer), double-check that the density range of your volume settings in Blender match the density range output in Houdini (or whatever Blender's equivalent setting is).

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