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HELP wired error message

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whats that? never saw that before:
on my diyplay option toolbar is a big red dot with the message:
ERROR: (material/GL32/beauty_primvertnorm_lit.prog) GLSL Shader failed to compile.

and nothing is displayed in the scene view. Already reinstalled HOU 18.5.496 but nothing...

Any Ideas?
And of course I have to finish a job today.... :-(

edit: installed the newest nvidia driver (496.13) before and I think thats the problem. reinstalled an older version (471.68) of the driver and it work again... wired...
Despite this would be a hint great...

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Hi, I also had this problem. My only advice would be just stick with 471 for the time being.

It seems like there is a problem with Nvidia 496 driver.
I wasted my whole day trying to solve this problem. Nice job and thanks to Nvidia :) .

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