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Pointvop CD in green

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a simple attribute vop noise layer:  P -> noise -> add with P -> output in P and CD.

the whole model becomes green and not black and white  Independent wich kind of noise... - never saw that before.

no materialpath attribute in it.

Any Ideas?

Ah: Hou 18.5.596 and GPU drivers are ok.

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Why would Cd be black and white? Cd is a vector attribute with rgb components. If the components don't have the same value (P is a vector attribute with xyz components, points/prims in different positions in world space will have different values) then each channel in RGB will be different. Cd is typically a normalized attribute with values between 0-1, if channel values are outside that range they crush the values of the other channels.
Attached is an image showing how to use a single component of a vector.

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