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For a better workflow between Substane and Houdini

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  Im  trying to establish better link with Substance and Houdini , trying to get the best of both worlds.  Basically, if I create and get some asset a look made in substance of a given procedural shader like an edge and scratch procedural wearing material recreat live the mesh dependency map directly in Houdini, without any export, baking in substance, importing back blablabla... 

When I link that AO and curvature with an external prebake EXR map it's work (after I have to fix a naming error in the Lab tools) but not when I try to "live" connect. Like shown above

The image plane doesn't seem to be recognized and taken into consideration in the SBSAR processing?

Ideally at the end, processing every asset with PDG... Anyoen has done PDG map baking for an all scene ?

Im joining my hip and test substance file I quickly created.. Maybe it's a limitation of substance archive? It can't only take baked, but I guess if so we should be able to trick it isn'it?

Many thanks guys







Vincent Thomas   (VFX and Art since 1998)
Senior Env and Lighting  artist & Houdini generalist & Creative Concepts



pig_1_Ambient Occlusion Map from Mesh.png

pig_1_Curvature Map from Mesh.png



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Ok, thanks works for curvature , but not for ambient occlusion. Same thing... I guess that's why this tool is mark as beta... Another bug?

Every studio use substance in their pipeline, and it has been years since this implementation stay in his child age...

Hey Sidefx, I guess most of us could do tools you bring in H19 like the slice tool, I would rather you to fix this kind of things and COP... :mellow:

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