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Smoke As Points?

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Is there a way to visualize billowy smoke as a volume of points?

I'm working with a simulation where I'm passing objects through a volume to see how they create air currents. I've been able to BS it up to this point using a pop network and applying a pop curveforce following the path of the objects, but it clearly isn't the objects interacting with the volume and the movement is very uniform. 

In the picture I attached, you can see the curve force pushing the points, but obviously it isn't the object generating any change in the volume. I've got a simple billowy smoke volume set up in another file with an object that successfully collides with the smoke and pushes it around. So basically I'm trying to visualize the billowy smoke but as a volume of points like what I already have. I'm sure its a relatively simple operation but I've googled "visualize smoke as points" in every way I can imagine and haven't found it.

Thanks so much

Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 10.10.27 AM.png

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