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Paint/texture on mesh surface - how to make a deformer?

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I have been trying to find a path to achieve similar result like Fernando Magalhães has with paint/texture on meshes. Lately I have been playing with Will MacNeils Stroke-It plugin for Houdini, unfortunately it only works for XZ plane at the moment. I was told I could use Stroke-It and then create a point or UV deformer to wrap the paint strokes around the mesh. I tried following the Entagma tutorial "Knitting in 3d: Building a UV Deformer" but my skills in Houdini are still not at the level where I was able to apply it to my needs. If anyone has any tips or tricks that could make this easier I would greatly appreciate it!





paint_mesh exmaple.jpg

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On 10/30/2021 at 5:17 PM, konstantin magnus said:

Hey Thoi,

you could trail points across the surface ie. based on curvature direction. Thicken them up with sweeps.




I didnt see this until now, this is amazing thank you so much @konstantin magnus ! I will play around with this.

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