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Cannot use nvidia denoiser in houdini19

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i need help finding the way to use nvidia denoiser in houdini19.

i have just updated to H19 and having issue finding the main menu Render ▸ Download NVIDIA OptiX Denoiser option as written in the SideFX page.


there's no option as you could see from the attached image.


due to this, because i cannot download the nvidia denoiser from Houdini itself, i tried to download manually based on 'Manual installation', and updated the houdini.env file under the user path.

however when i try to render an image using Karma with image filters 'nVidia Optix Denoiser' on, the following error code shows up and seems the final rendered image just comes out without the denoiser effect.

<b style='color: red;'>Error creating optix denoiser</b>
<b style='color: red;'>Unable to create denoise image filter plugin</b>

for GPU, im using NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER, and using NVIDIA driver ver.456.71.

weird thing is that i was able to use denoiser when i was using H18 with mantra.

please help me out with this issue... thank you in advance.


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Hi there,

Look on Nvidia's site for a 470-series driver. That should work for you. These later driver versions have the Optix tech built in.

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hi jason,

thank you for your quick response!

actually it worked! now i updated to the latest one ver496 and everything is denoised and clear!

really appreciate your help, thank you!

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Glad it worked for you!

The OIDN denoiser is also pretty great for offline denoising, if you haven't tried it.

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