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How can I improve the flow of FLIP-fluid particles?

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In a small-scale FLIP-Fluid simulation, I need to improve the flow of fluid particles, so I tried these settings:

1) FlipSolver -> Particle Motion-> Reseeding -> Surface Oversampling = 20

2) FlipObject-> Particle Separation = 0.01, Particle Radius Scale = 0.66, Grid Scale = 0.8

3) FlipSolver -> Volume Motion -> Velocity Transfer -> APIC(Swirly)

4) FlipSolver -> Volume Motion -> Surface Tension = 20

5) FlipSolver -> Substeps Tab -> Min Substeps=10, Max Substeps=20

6) I add a POP-Drag node (Air Resistance = 1) to the simulation.

But the result is not that satisfying! How can I improve it?


Thanks for helping.




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is there a reason for Particle Radius Scale = 0.66 ? also Grid Scale = 0.8 seems a bit too low.


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Too high Surface Tension causes this sometimes  image.png.03cb6db621798055a858da9ef9cd3181.png

View your Surface in the Fluid Obj to get an idea of the actual sim.  In the Solver Tab did you scale down the Spatial Scale?  You don't need 10/20 substeps (1/2 is fine), just in the main Dop try 3 substeps.  


You can also use an Attribute Blur post sim to pull parts together before meshing.


Edit: Didn't see the vid before, to be honest everything in middle with those shapes, when meshed will look good i bet, just that last bit, which you could always delete those points post sim. ;)


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