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How to stop evaluating DOP permanently.

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Hi guys, 

I have a strange problem.

- i have a FLIP DOP set to start at F75 + Enable automatic resimulation Off

- in my dop output i set the frame range to F75 to F200

- in my dop IO i also set the frame range to F75 to F200

- i do a Ctrl+clic on the brain to be sure that the cache is empty 

But whatever i do , houdini don't care, when i am evaluating my scene between F1 to F74 houdini still try to evaluate my DOPS again and again, this is pretty annoying.

Do you guys have any idea on what am i doing wrong ? or any tips to fix this ?

Thanks for your time.



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Well i still have strange behavior of DOP's trying to evaluate all the time. 

I did find a working solve for this. Each of my DOPs output is connected to a switch node, one is the DOP network the other a NULL, then i have a master null at /obj level that control all the switch, thus i can activate and deactivate everything i need. 

and this does work , when all switch are set to NULL houdini doesn't evaluate anything. I did prefer this method over always playing with the brain logo and the manual / update switch. 

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