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simple vex code for Conway's game of life

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Hi there,

I'm quite new to vex and try to build a simple loop to implement the set of rules of the "game of life" by Conway.

The code seems to work for the first iteration, but then stops working as I would expect.

In my example I use a grid with 5 points to be having a attrib value of 1, which is called


  the others are set to 0.

This goes into a point wrangle:

int count = chi("count");

int life = i@life;

int adj[] = array();
int alive = 0;

adj = nearpoints(0, @P, 10, 9);
removeindex(adj, 0);
i[]@adj = adj;

for(int i = 0; i < count; i++){

    alive = 0;
    for(int p = 0; p < len(adj); p++){
        int iter = adj[p];
        alive += point(0, "life", iter);
    if(life == 1){
        if(alive < 2 || alive == 8) life = 0;
    else if(alive == 3) life = 1;
    i@life = life;

I would very much apprecciate any help on that!



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 You need to use a solver sop. Houdini don't keep "global" variables overtime. It's why you need a solver.
I've put your wrangle in a solver and it's do something but more like an infection. Don't know if it's the behavior you expect.
I've also give it a try some time ago, the file is attached. Not perfect and stop working at frame 55. No idea why.

A very good explanation of the solver sop here.
If you're new to houdini this site is a must see.

It as also a simple game of life example.


vex_gameOfLife + solver.hiplc


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Thank you Fred!

within a sop solver it works fine!
I don't get though, why it wouldn't work without it just with the loop.

And thank you for the links, they are very useful!

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