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Squeezing Strings in Vellum

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Hello fellow houdini friends!

I am working on a effect like in this video :


I set up my collider geo in vellum and my rubber bands (they are not as nice as in the video though) in a dop network. Problem is now when i emmit the the bands they don´t squeeze in like this and stay tight. also my

collider object is not squeezed in and the kinda just bounce of...i tried different things with the vellum constraint attribute in the dop net but could not get it done. Has some one an idea how this could work.

Furthermore i have a high res version of the collider body but i am not sure how to use it in the dop network because there is nothing like a point deform there right?

Last one would be the question how to easily model a simple string like this...I know lot of questions but i am pretty much a newbie and try to figure stuff out. Cleaned the hip file so you can take a look in there-

Thanks and take care!




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I'm far from an expert, but I had a look at your setup.

The key adjustment is probably setting "Mass" to "Calculate Uniform" and increasing the density on your rubber band.
I've also reduced the bend stiffness of the cloth constraints and increased the stretch stiffness on the pressure constraints of your crab. Basically fiddleing around with the parameters a bit.
(Your crab wasn't included so i replaced it with a squab).

This is far from a usable setup, but It's all I have time for now.


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