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gradual point deform control?

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I have a curve that I need to deform with a mesh, however , I am only interested to deform a part of the curve that is near the deforming mesh.

Question 1: I've changed deform "Radius" to small numbers (to make sure that far curve points are not affected by the deforming mesh), yet the whole curve gets deformed with the mesh, is this normal?

Question 2: Is is possible and easy to paint weights on the curve to gradually deform them? Note: I've tried to use point deform "capture" mode first, and I got two parameters: weights and point indices (and all curve points are captured no matter how far they are), however editing these values does not seem straight forward

As a final resort, I selected the curve points to be deformed (see attached), however there is no gradual transition and it looks bad (possible to fix with smooth, but not the most straightforward way)




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with pcfind() in an attribute wrangle you can recreate the process of capturing. With a ramp for example you get quite similar result for the weight values. If you don't want the points to be captured, you can restrict them by other attributes aswell based on distance or whatever.

Here is an example.


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