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setFromParm(src) not showing keyframes on copied data

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Hi Everyone,


Just wondering if someone could shed some light on this.

I'm copying values from one node to another for every Parm. 

but when using setFromParm(src) on a parm that has keyframes. it seems to copy the values across. but I cant see the keyframes in the timeline or any of the editors? whats gives? is this the proper way to do this or is there an extra step or another method?


Any tips would be great thanks so much for your help.



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hi again,

Just in case someone stumbles over this problem.

Seems the way around it is to use two functions in conjunction. 

the setFromParm(src) seems to set all values correctly even referenced Parms. but the keyframes don't seem to work fully.
so you have to check if the parm in question has keyframes and if so. use setKeyframes(keyframes) instead for those Parms.


Hope that helps anyone that runs into it.





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