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Noise shows concave when only convex is selected

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In the attached file and screenprints you can see that when there is no noise added to the position, the convex is convex and the concave is concave.

BUT as soon as the noise is added to the position, the convex shows both convex and concave, and the concave shows both concave and convex. There is something wrong going on. If I add noise to the position for convex why does the render show both, I'm only talking to convex, what brought concave in the render. And when I'm only talking to concave what brings convex in the render?

noise issue in curvature.hiplc

Concave with noise.JPG

Conex with noise.JPG

Conex plus concave.JPG



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This is happening because you are applying a noise to the position sampling, that will cause convex parts of your geometry to actually sample the position of the concave parts and vice versa(You can see this clearly if you decrease the noise amplitude). You can either apply the noise after your curvature nodes or have another set of curvature nodes to use as a mask for your noised up curvature.

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