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forces or advection - pyro

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Do the pyro shaping microsolvers like Turbulence, disturbance, shredding etc go into the force or the advection slot on the pyrosolver? It works in either one but I was wondering what would be the correct one? I'm guessing it is forces but I want to know if there is any situation where I plug it into Advection or even sourcing like I've seen some people do ? A little confusing..



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I am a beginner learning pyro as well, but I think the microsolvers should be plugged into the forces input, Advection mainly reserved for adding velocities of all sorts and the sourcing reserved for creating fields if I am not wrong? Sometimes we can also add onto the vel field from the sourcing itself I think it works the same as if it was plugged into the advection input, Haven't tested it though, would like to know if there is an actual difference!!


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