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Use Marvelous Designer Cloth Sim with Vellum in Houdini

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Helle there.

I have a Sim from marvelous designer (Body and Cloth) and want to play around with vellum a bit. After importing/unpacking the alembic i

separat it in two groups (cloth/body) and attach a vellum cloth node. The moment i attach it houdini always crashes so i guess it´s not the

correct workflow... do i have to bring in body and cloth on my own and do the simulation/rigging in houdini?

take care

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I'd have a guess and say that the alembic geo is pretty high res and so when you attach the Configure Cloth, Houdini is having a hard time calculating all the constraints and setting all the attributes and crashes. 
You'd be better off using a Split SOP, splitting by the groups you created. Then remesh the cloth so that it's not too dense, then append a Configure Cloth and do your sim. 
Then you can point deform the original high res mesh with that sim mesh.

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