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Rbd material fracture

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Hi, I am going to make explosion of house model, but i am facing some problems, First problem is that, in rbdexplodedview node, why some bricks are well fractured, but others not? , Second one is that, in dop network node, flipbook does not show the object, why?, and the last one is that  dop network not working, when i press Play? please share your experience, Thank you in advance !


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2 hours ago, Khikmatillo said:

I've just checked the hip file.

The first problem is just a scene view bug, I managed to replicate it when opening the hip file. To fix it just close the scene view and open it again., sometimes the scene view bugs and to reset you have to close it and open it again. The rest of your problems don't happen to me, I didn't change anything in your scene so the problem might be on your part.

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