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Reversing an RBD sim + secondary Sim

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The gist of the effect I need done is this.

I need this Logo to start out fractured into a ton of pieces and off screen in all directions

then I need the pieces to kindof suction in towards the screen center where they come together to form the full logo

My current workflow is basically run the sim backwards (the logo starts off fully formed and i explode it outwards, then reverse the RBD sim)


The problem

when I reverse the sim I get a very harsh stop on each piece once the piece gets to its start pose

I fix this sort of by running a jiggle or lag CHOP motion effect over the points after i reverse the sim, adding some overshoot to the sim so it overshoots the rest pose and then settles back into the rest pose

the issue is now i get intersections with the pieces. 

Was hoping someone might know how i could maybe run another simulation on top of the reversed sim? Like have it follow the same motion but adjust for self collisions?


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