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How to prevent Vellum constrains from relaxing/switching to their initial state

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hello friends!

I am trying to set up a vellum sim with some rubber bands shrinking and squeezing a ballon object.
Everything is set up and works okay but after the rubber bands shrinked and squeezed in the object they go back to their original state. i want them to stay permanently in the shrinked form so the mesh keeps squeezed in...

i guess you have to use a Vellum Constraint Properties node in the vellum solver but i could not get it to work..
or is it better to set it up in a dop network....


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Depends on how much you want them to shrink. You didn't include the original geo for the balloon, so it was hard to troubleshoot exactly, but hopefully the tube I used is similar.

I think your original remesh of the torus was too detailed. It created a very dense mesh. So even though you were setting the rest length to 0.3, it didn't allow the torus to shrink very much. I got rid of the remesh, made the torus a bit more corase, reduced the rest length to 0.1, and added a bit of dampening to remove some of the high energy bounce to the shrinking.

I also upped the substeps from 2 to 5. It's also possible you just didn't have enough substeps for the solver to converge properly.

If you want them to shrink even more, I might try a different set up for the rubber bands, where you scale them down into position to get your starting shape (you could do this is a drape node before the solver) before running the full sim.




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