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gradient ripples defined by paint

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Hi guys, I m sure this is gonna be a very simple exercise for ya.

What I want to get is to create a gradient/smooth movement of the ripples for selected points, defined by painted colour. Where its darker the ripples should be more prominent and points should be moving strongly, and also opposite way, where its lighter it should be less visible and points should be almost static. 

Now the ripples work same for all of the selected points, and it creates very sharp edge on surface of the model. 

I hope its undersandable from this super-short brief. :unsure:


I have some ideas about how to multiply the position of the ripples added to @P  by @Cd but i do not know how to combine these two values in pointwrangle. I am sure u guys can help me out! 


Thank u guys for any advices.:rolleyes:



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maybe you just blend the positions between both objects using the color attribute (red value for example). I think it should enough, since ripple is only moving points on straight lines.


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Thank you so much Aizatulin!:o

I am super bad at VEX commands, so I do not know how to create even this super-simple logic wrangle. :wacko:

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