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Beach Tank shelf tool doesn't work properly with Ocean Waves SOP

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I'm having an issue with the Beach tank shelf tool when I try to use the Ocean Waves SOP (along with a couple of Ocean Spectrum SOPs) to seed the waves. As you can see in the video, the velocity of the waves seems to be transferred to the boundary layer of the simulation, but nowhere else, and the passing of the instanced waves seems to have little impact on the simulation, when the waves should in reality be breaking on the beach. I've already played around a lot with this and I believe it could have something to do with the velocities of the points on which the waves are being instanced, but I'm not sure. Any suggestions would be great, thanks!


Beach Tank Issue.mp4

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Here's a screenshot showing the issue. I've also visualised the velocities of the merged spectra after the wave tank is initialised and the instanced waves seem to have plenty of velocity, which just makes me more confused why they aren't be transferred to the simulation! I've also attached a .hip file if you feel like taking a look.

Beach Tank Issue.JPG

Beach Tank Issue Velocities.JPG

Beach Tank Ocean Waves Issue.hip

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