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Procedural Design

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Procedural design research, Heads are tricky...

Still have issue to creat the cable network.

Im using the quasistic mode with no cache history in vellum as every bot is generated every frame so timeshift is not really what im looking for and i need more than 100 frames after to have my sim stable enough for an output...

Still fighting with the collision between cables (cables are not shown in my OpenGL capture below) ... Grrrrgrrhh :ph34r:



Vincent Thomas   (VFX and Art since 1998)
Senior Env and Lighting  artist & Houdini generalist & Creative Concepts




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Im having issue with Vellum. Im generating a bot every frame (at keeping the seed at frame level is easy for me to quickly check my algorithm) and for my cable network this time i will like to run a vellum sim. I could make it work if i freeze the time no issue there. Now i was hoping the Quasistatic mode will take care of one the input frame is feed, it could run the sim from that without trying to read my input anymore...
That's doesn't work. It only doing this if i dive inside and disable 'Timeless no history' but in the case, it's like no vellum simulation .

Your suggestion will be welcomed , cheers guys :)

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That's really awesome! Did you use any VDB for getting these patterns? Is that all done in Houdini or you use other software like Substance for getting patterns? 

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I will be curious to see the network. It must be very dense to say the least.
Do you have any idea of the total number of nodes. Including those in asset or subnetworks

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