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Group selected edge loops individually

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Is there any way to create a different group for each edge loop I have selected so I can later make a name tag out of each loop and run a for each loop operation per loop?
In this case I am creating my loops via a SOP groupfindpath, but that is not that important here, any way to create one group per loop would be super helpful. 




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If you generate tubes or capsules with the sweep SOP you can activate primrow and primcol attributes which enables accessing individual poylgon loops.

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hmm yeah, I found a example online of someone doing it via the sweep SOP, but in my case I would like to apply the selection to already existing.

Basically what I am trying to achieve is a quick way to optimize low poly meshes for game by automatically selection every other edge of a loop and collapsing those, but because of they way I am doing that selection I sometimes get the X patterns you can see on the example on the right.
If I could run the "select every other" portion of my tool onto each loop individually I could make sure the selection happens always on the same edges avoiding the X pattern.


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