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Houdini 19 Resample SOP issue...

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In Houdini 19, the "Resample SOP" isn't work as before when I set the "Treat Polygon As" to "Subdivision Curves"..!

Is this a bug?


Thanks for helping.

Resample Curve.jpg

Resample Curve.hip

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The Resample SOP hasn't changed. It's the curve tool that changed in 19. It now draws Bezier curves by default, which have curves defined by the tangents of their handles. It looks like the Resample node is respecting those tangents and trying to match the incoming curve and as a result the various resampling modes have less of a difference than before.

If you want the Subdivision Curves setting to work like it did before, you need a curve without the Bezier tangent info. You can create the curve in "Polygon" mode. Or convert from a Bezier curve back to a polygon (polyline) with either a Convert SOP or low-freq Resample.

Then the Resample SOP should behave like you expect.

Resample Curve.hipnc

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