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vellum sim causes jumpy faces

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I've attached a video of the screen recording of the simulation, the faces are jumping.

I've used a polyreduce that turned the polygons into triangles. Any idea what's causing this?






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Generally jumping like that is because the solver is trying to solve two conflicting settings that make a stable solve impossible. The two most common:

The thickness of your cloth is too high. If you turn on "visualize thickness" you should be able to see the size (pscale) of your individual points. If the spheres in the visualization are overlapping, the solver will try to move those points apart, but since you have a really high stretch stiffness, it can't, and you'll get jumping. Change your thickness settings until they don't overlap.

Another reason could be that your cloth is settling down on itself and compressing various parts of the mesh and the high stiffness isn't allowing it to settle properly. Usually this requires lowering the compression stiffness. A bend stiffness that is too high can do something similar in areas that are bending and creasing, but you've got yours set pretty low, so I don't think that's it.

But it could also come from some other constraint like a pin to target or attach or stitch constraint that is conflicting in some way.

The best thing to do is go through the visualizer and try to see what might be conflicting.

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