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Looking for H rigger kinefx/cartoon

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My name is Gosha, I'm rigging / animation director in own studio/agency.

I'm looking for rigging partner for our studio.

1st job is to re-create such Qwill snail rig in Houdini: 


  • Desired rigging skills style remind Rok Andic approach; (he told me he is busy that's why I'm still in search mod for long terms with cool rigger)
  • I'll provide original Qwill rig descriptions;
  • With selected candidate I'll share original maya rig where you can check base mechanics and current issues to think avoid such in new Houdini rig;
  • Ideally if you're be familiar with Move Along Curve rigging approach (like in Ozone by Rich Hurrey);
  • I already have cool animator who is capable to animate it all :) That your rigging job will be animated well and you can take in into your portfolio.
  • $$ reward discussible, feel free to suggest your rates.



telegram @digitaldosyanich


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