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Boolean tool problem

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Hello everybody,

I have a problem with the boolean tool. I have a cube and a font. I want the font to be inside the cube, but in the form of a hole. First I tried to subtract the font from the cube with the boolean node, but that didn't work, so tried to fracture the cube with the voronoi node first and then added a boolean node, but that didn't work either. Does anyone know a solution for this or can help me?

Thanks in advance!


This is what I want to achieve:












This is my attempt with the voronoi fracture:


This is my node tree:


These are my parameters:


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Hi, to create an interior sspace you should just be able to add a reverse node to the text and then merge the text and the box together.
This essentially creates 1 object with the shell and internal text with the correct normals.

Since there is no overlap between the two there is nothing to really boolean, you just need to set correct normals

Also for the text make sure the extrude is creating geometry for both sides so it is properly closed

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