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motion editing metahuman setup is heavy slow

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Hi all,
I've got a motion editing setup happening, but it gets really slow heavy at certain nodes. I was wondering if anyone here could have a look and point out any efficiency gains I could be making?

I've been figuring out a workflow for doing motion editing (animation) of my mocap that gets transferred to a metahuman. (Because of issues I was having with Houdini'd retargetting, I ended up doing the basic retargetting in Maya. But I'm doing the motion editing in Houdini)

It's all working well - Thanks to madebygeoff for getting me started - I have all the basics in there; fingers and posture correction. 

I've also got a constraint setup for locking/controlling the right hand. But when I start using it - by turning the blend from 0% - 100%, my framerate drops a great deal :( - The arm constraint is very heavy when I do use it. Hoping someone here could have a look and make a suggestion or two.

I've attached my hip file, plus an example fbx to plug in to the top.





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Any luck? On my laptop I get 50-60 fps on playback with or without the blend turned on. Seems ok to me.

The frame rate only drops for me beginning with the fullbody IK. But that's because the full body IK is fairly expensive.

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