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How to break one vellum constraint from a batch

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I have a character rigged with shoulder and waist vellum constraints to keep his clothing in place for animation.  I'm trying to use a third constraint for his lapels, but I want to break it or turn it off at a certain point in the animation.  I've watched Rohan Dalvi's H17 video on how to use a Vellum Constraint Properties node to animate the Break Threshold value, and that works well, but it breaks *all* of the constraints in the vellum setup.  I'd like to just break the lapel constraint.  Is there a simple way to have the Vellum Constraint Properties node work only on that one lapel constraint?

Thank you!

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Vellum Constraint Properties has a group field at the very top. Just set a constraint group for the lapel constraints. You can do that in the "output group" field if you setting them will a Vellum Constraints node. Or you can select them directly by piping a primitive group SOP before the second input of the Constraint Properties. Then just set the group field in the Constraint Properties SOP.

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