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FLIP-Fluid and a vellum interaction, how?

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Hi masoud

the question has already been ask ,with no proper solve i am afraid


out of the box a beautiful world where you flip would push your vellum and then the vellum would push the flip with a dual direction interaction doesn't exist. 

so you will have to find a tricks that do the job.

One direction influence will work without to much trouble, dual will be more tricky.


i would try as a starting point, to setup my mid res sim flip correctly and use a resample lower version of my flip vel grid as volume influencer of my vellum object as pop input.

then i'll bake my vellum and redo the FLIP at high rez with vellum object as vdb collider

not perfect but i would try that.   


for the hard way i would inspect pavel tricks and see if it can be adapt to FLIP and thus reinject collision / collision vel inside the FLIP grid dynamically


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