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Creating mask, matte, from animated geo?

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Good morning,

I'm trying to find a way to create a mask, or black and white matte, of my subdivided, transformed geo. (see attached.)

As the falloff is animated, I need to be able to create a matte so anything transformed and subdivided is white, and the unchanged grid is black. 

Thank you for any ideas!


Screenshot 2022-01-15 092122.jpg

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Hi terence

- You say "a mask of my subdivided, transformed geo", but In your sketch you show white area on non subdivided area.
- You say matte, are you after a bitmap mask for some post processing ?
- You have already a falloff . probably a solution here, but without take a look at your file difficult to say.

A file and some infos will help people to help you.


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@terencemace Some useful stuff. Maybe it Helps! Just Combine .
Hope that you can open those files .

Masks and attribf.hiplc


and this vex can make some nice stuff


vector inf_pos = point(1,"P",0);
float radius = chf("rad");
int handle = pcopen(0,"P",inf_pos,radius,chi("maxP"));
int ptnum = -1;
float distance= 0.0;
    if(distance > radius- chf("trash"))
        vector pos = point(0,"P",ptnum);
        vector dir = normalize(pos -inf_pos);
        setpointattrib(0,"P",ptnum,pos+dir *chf("pushdist"));


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