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Hi brains ! Need help!
I've got a mesh (as an example I'll use pig head) and I'm using a "mesh slice" node to split it in different parts, using $F as index, basically every frame I see a different slice  of the pig.
Tried to export in fbx using rop fbx but can't find a way to create a different file for each frame.
I can export in obj and it works by saving each frame in a separate file "test$F.obj" but does not work with FBX rop, I always get only one FBX file.. Any idea ?
Thanks in advance, happy houdiniiiing !:D   





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I thinks it's because this is the way FBX has been devised. basically FBX export animation in two ways :

- the most popular in game where you store animation with xform transform and bones + weight map.

- the other is  by exporting a vertex animation cache like the .abc format, in that case FBX export only one FBX file and store the animation in a file point cache .fpc

If you want to export per frame .fbx you just want to hack the way the format has been devised. 


it looks to be possible thought there is a scene by tomas here :



why do you prefer FBX over .abc for vertex cache file export ? 

why per frame ?

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Here's my take on it
It's not polished or anything, it just works.

Basically, it's a foreach loop, set to By Count, which is controlled by a frame range attribute.
Within the loop is a timeshift tied to the loop's iteration, as well as an FBX Export with the same loop iteration in the filename.
Finally, a python sop simply does a pressButton() on the FBX.
(The execution is handled through the Stop Condition of the loop. The subnet's Export button sets it to 0, force cook, then sets it back to 1)

Anyways here's the file (19.0.455), hopefully that helps.

Cheers !


(I took that as a fun mini tool-building exercise, but sebkaine's link has a few other solutions that works just as well)

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Thanks everyone ! Got it working with Alain's setup, thanks for that :) 
Emmanuel  I need separate fbx because the mesh I'm slicing is around 60gb in size, can't create one unique abc or fbx for an easier file handling during import in Unreal Engine.

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ahah 60GB into UE you definitly got a good reason. .abc suck in UE it looks that they still label it experimental features


as it was already experimental 5 years ago, i guess it will stay that way forever before being replaced by usd. 

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