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Tips for swirly smoke over battlefield

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Hello. I'm having a bit of a trouble. I would appreciate any tips on creating slowly swirling / rolling - wind blown (wind is quite strong, so smoke should move sideways quite a lot - staying in the same level - not rising, not falling) smoke cloud over the battlefield ?
Imagine smoke left after explosions continues moving across field as the wind blows. 

For now I just tried having a velocity field with some curl noise and different wind strength based on height from ground. I also add a lot of initial temperature/density/velocity variations and in beginning it looks nice, but after like 100 frames, smoke looses most detail, smoothens out and does not swirl anymore.  It would be nice for it to somewhat keep initial billowy shapes and maybe not spread out so much. 

Is this something achievable with Pyro or should I approach this differently? Just hoped for some tips. 

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@kurzemnieks something like this ..but you need to tweak in particles source those parameters  "its already time consuming" for me .:wub:




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Most visual effects are a combination of multiple elements, you may want to use more than one approach.

Fast moving in one direction and swirling are kind of opposite requests. You can just shoot particles in a direction and rasterize them into a fog volume.


One approach to thick fog is to zero out Cooling Rate and Temperature Diffusion on the smoke solver.




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