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Melting object with random gravity/viscosity

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Hello there.

I need to melt a typo object from bottom to top with a fluid sim. Problem is i don´t have a groundobject/plane so when i start the sim the particles

instantly fall down. i had the idea to use a point group which goes from bottom to top to give the particles a random gravity/viscosity so they don´t melt

uniformly. tried to set this up in the dop network using a solver and some attribute wrangels but i don´t get it to work...

would be fantastic if some one could help me with this!

greetings and take care.

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thanks again for the scene file and the help...so far it´s working fine but i am still having some problems..i have to use a relativ high particle seperation (0.0015) to preserve the shape of the typo i use. problem is when the spheres start scalling and in the process the particles are kind of flying all over the place. tried different things (slower/smaller scale) but it´s still not looking right. is there a way to connect more of the particles..because they are all like single droplets at the moment.

Screenshot 2022-01-29 213421.jpg

Screenshot 2022-01-29 213357.jpg

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