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How to create a 3d coordinate gradient from groups of starting points? Kinda like a noise.


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Ill try to explain this my best, i have a point cloud with a group of points that are like patches on the pointcloud (the white points below). I want to start a gradient kind of like an infection outwards from these groups to end up creating a noise type look. Ideally in the end the white patches would have a float value of like 1 and the red points would have a float value of 0 with a gradient at their edge which would have a controllable length. Using a sort of infection type solver or pcfind functions has been very slow because i am starting from these point patches and i need it to be fairly fast and iterable. I was thinking some sort of world coordinate based system like a noise would work well for this since you dont do any point searching which would allow for easy gradients but i dont know how i can initiate it from these start patches. Thankyou!  


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That Fus.hip works very fast it is certainly an option i will look at. However i am still wondering if there is a way to use world coordinates with noise or something to get very smooth gradient like on the pighead below. I can then use the gradient to manipulate tons of values and it visualizes well and does not use a solver/recursion. If i were to do it with the iteration based method using pcfind yours is certainly faster but then for each iteration i would need to divide each expansion iteration by the iteration number  to get a gradient and apply some randomness which kills a lot of the art direction you get with noise and ramps.






ramps like here

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