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Difference between Ce (Color Emission) pass and the Combined Emission Pass?

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Hey. I have couple of things I don't understand properly regarding render passes (Image planes). What's the difference between Combined Emission and Direct + Indirect Emission? I thought when Direct + Indirect Emission passes were combined you would get the same result as the Combined Emission but apparently my Combined Emission pass is same as the Direct Emission pass. It seems like it does not include the Indirect emission? I thought since it was "Combined" it included both the Direct and Indirect? Or is it called Combined because it will pull all the different emissions on the scene into one pass? I still haven't checked that so maybe that's what it is.

Other thing is what's the difference between Ce (Color Emission) and Direct Emission? In that case also the Indirect pass is not included in the Ce. So my Ce looks exactly like my Direct Emission pass. So what's the difference between them?

I checked these in scene where I only have a volume. With volume limits set to 1. 

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just do the tests...   i guess is almost the same.   combined emission should be the source plus lit surfaces,   direct + indirect sounds like is almost the same,  is just matter of testing which pass serves better your compositing goals and the look you are looking for

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