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CMU Database mocap to Mixamo rig


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Hi, has anyone been able to successfully match the Mocap skeletons from the CMU database to a Mixamo skeleton?

I've been trying for days overall, trying all sorts of combinations and tutorials but I end up with twisted skeletons and arms all over the place. I think it has something to do with the CMU skeletons having their shoulders inside on top of the next points wheras the Mixamo ones are in normal shoulder positions, but using rig match pose nodes to move the points around hasn't helped here.

Have watched a lot of tutorials multiple times including the ones by Parker Coleman on Youtube which are great, as well as a few official SideFX ones, and I've learned a bit about Kinefx in all this but not enough to get there.

Thank you.

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Hi thanks for the reply, yes, I have seen it and been through it more than once, unfortunately didn't help at the time, mostly for the changing skeleton issue between files. That said, at the time of my original post the manual retarget video was down for some reason so didn't get to go through it again. Seems ok again so will have another shot.

I also came across this old post (link below) which looked promising, but the skeletons they used from the CMU database didn't match the ones I downloaded which was weird. They were more like the Mixamo skeletons around the problem shoulder area so I'm not sure if the author had already done some rig matching. They mention Make Human which I'm not familiar with but it could be a missing link perhaps. Maybe I will get in contact as it was only from last year.

In the meantime I have revisited the Mixamo library and realised it has far more non-combat animations than originally thought, enough for my needs which are quite basic. Also managed to convert a combat motion walk into a more normal walk with RigPose which was handy so am pretty sure the same will work for many more of their library. Given their auto-rigger works out of the box I'll stick with that for now.

Will post here if I come back to the original issue and solve/ make progress on it.

Thanks again :)


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